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What is a 5-berth Motorhome: Universal Guide

In the world of motorhomes, the term “5 berth motorhome” has become increasingly popular. These motorhomes cater to a specific segment of travellers, offering flexibility, comfort, and spaciousness. But what exactly is a 5 berth motorhome, and what makes it stand out? This guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into the realm of 5 berth motorhomes, ensuring you have all the information you need whether you’re considering a purchase or merely satiating your curiosity.

What is a 5-Berth Motorhome?

What is a 5-Berth Motorhome

A 5 berth motorhome is essentially a vehicle that provides sleeping accommodation for five people. The term “berth” denotes the number of sleeping places available within the motorhome.

Beyond just sleeping spaces, these motorhomes are also equipped with facilities like a kitchen, bathroom, lounge, and often additional features designed for comfort and convenience.

What are the main parameters of a 5-berth-motorhome?

When considering a 5 berth motorhome, various parameters determine its suitability for different types of travellers. Here’s a closer look at these parameters:


Most 5 berth motorhomes range between 10 to 13 feet in height. This height ensures enough internal space while still being manageable on the roads.


The width typically lies between 7.5 to 8.5 feet. This provides ample room inside without making the vehicle too bulky for standard lanes.


These motorhomes span from 18 to 25 feet in length, offering a balanced mix of internal space and drivability.


Weight varies depending on the model and features, but you can expect most 5 berth motorhomes to weigh between 4,500 to 7,000 pounds.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel tank can usually hold 60 to 100 gallons. This capacity ensures longer journeys without frequent refuelling stops.

Water Capacity

Water tanks in 5 berth motorhomes can typically store 40 to 100 gallons, which is crucial for ensuring all onboard facilities function smoothly during a trip.


The engine of a 5 berth motorhome is robust enough to ensure the vehicle’s smooth movement, even when fully loaded. Whether diesel or petrol, the engine’s capacity is tailored to the vehicle’s size and weight.

Power Source

Most modern 5 berth motorhomes come equipped with solar panels and a backup generator, ensuring continuous power even in remote areas.


The chassis is the foundation of the motorhome, with popular options being Ford Transit and Peugeot. The chosen chassis ensures durability, stability, and safety on the roads.

Storage Space

Storage is paramount in motorhomes. With “plenty of storage space,” these vehicles come equipped with cupboards, under-seat areas, and often an external garage or compartment for larger items.

Sleeping Capacity

As the name suggests, these motorhomes accommodate five people. This usually comprises a mix of double beds, single beds, and often a dropdown bed.

What are the typical bed layouts found in 5 berth motorhomes?

  • Island Bed: This is a freestanding bed usually situated at the rear, allowing access from both sides.
  • Fixed Single Beds: These are two separate single beds, often at the motorhome’s rear.
  • Dropdown Bed: As the name implies, this bed can be lowered from the ceiling, providing an additional sleeping area without occupying permanent space.
  • Front Lounge/Double Bed: The front lounge can often be converted into a double bed during the night.

What are typical features that a 5-berth-motorhome have?

What are typical features that a 5-berth-motorhome have

Before plunging into the vast world of 5 berth motorhomes, understanding their common features can be beneficial:

  • A well-equipped kitchen with modern amenities like a fridge, stove, and sink.
  • A compact but functional washroom with a toilet, shower, and sink.
  • A comfortable lounge area for relaxation.
  • Advanced entertainment systems, including a TV and stereo.
  • Heating and air-conditioning systems for year-round comfort.

What are the Benefits of Owning a 5-berth-motorhome?

Owning a 5 berth motorhome comes with numerous advantages:

  • Flexibility in Travel: No need for hotel bookings or rigid itineraries.
  • Cost-Effective: Over time, it can be cheaper than other forms of holidaying.
  • Comfort: They provide all the comforts of home while on the road.
  • Community: Joining the motorhoming community can lead to new friendships and experiences.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Owning a 5-berth-motorhome?

While the benefits are many, there are also considerations:

  • Size: Some may find manoeuvring a large vehicle challenging.
  • Maintenance: Regular upkeep is essential to ensure the vehicle remains in top condition.
  • Storage: When not in use, a suitable storage place is required.

How Much Does a 5-berth-motorhome Typically Cost?

When diving into the vast world of motorhomes, a frequently asked question concerns the cost of a 5-berth motorhome. In the UK, the price range can vary extensively. Several factors influence the cost, such as the brand, age, model, features, and whether the vehicle is new or used.

Generally, a new 5-berth motorhome might set you back anywhere from £50,000 to over £100,000. Used models, depending on their age and condition, could range from £30,000 to £90,000.

It’s essential to bear in mind that these prices can fluctuate depending on factors like additional features, the length and width of the vehicle, and the range of models available in the market. If you’re looking to buy a 5-berth motorhome, make sure to do thorough research to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Who is a 5-berth-motor home best for?

Who is a 5-berth-motor home best for

Venturing into the motorhome market might lead you to wonder if a 5-berth motorhome is the perfect fit for you. Ideally designed to accommodate families or groups of four to five people, these motorhomes offer a comfortable balance of space, convenience, and design. Families, especially those with children, can benefit from the additional berths, providing everyone with ample room.

Couples looking for extra space might also find this option appealing, especially if they’re planning long trips and need the additional storage and living space. If comfort, flexibility, and ample storage are high on your priority list, a 5-berth motorhome might be the perfect option.

How long does a 5-berth-motorhome typically last?

The lifespan of a 5-berth motorhome largely depends on several key factors, including its build quality, maintenance, and usage. On average, a well-maintained motorhome can last between 10 to 20 years before major repairs or replacements become necessary.

Regular maintenance, like engine servicing and ensuring the vehicle’s interior and exterior are kept in good condition, can extend its longevity. It’s always beneficial to do regular checks and upkeep to ensure your motorhome remains on the road for many years.

Do You Need a Special License to Drive a 5-berth-motorhome?

In the UK, driving a 5-berth motorhome typically doesn’t require a special license. If you passed your driving test before 1 January 1997, you’re already qualified to drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes in weight.

However, if your driving test was taken after this date, you might be restricted to vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes unless you obtain a C1 category on your license. Before committing to a purchase, ensure you’ve checked the vehicle’s weight and that you’re legally entitled to drive it.

Can You Tow With a 5-berth-motorhome?

Towing with a 5-berth motorhome is indeed possible. Many families and groups find this capability handy, especially when bringing along bicycles, small boats, or even another vehicle.

What is the typical Towing Capacity of a 5-berth-motorhome?

The towing capacity of a 5-berth motorhome can vary based on its make, model, and design. Typically, they can tow between 1,500 to 2,000 kg. However, always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure you don’t exceed the recommended towing weight. Overloading can result in safety risks and decreased manoeuvrability.

What are Key Factors to Consider When Buying a 5-berth-motorhome?

What are Key Factors to Consider When Buying a 5-berth-motorhome?

When on the market for a 5-berth motorhome, several crucial factors should guide your decision:

  • Brand and Model: High-quality brands like Bailey, Auto Trail, and Burstner are popular choices for many. They often come with a reputation for durability, luxury, and advanced features.
  • Storage Space: With multiple people using the motorhome, adequate storage becomes crucial. Look for models that offer plenty of storage, both inside and in external compartments.
  • Features and Amenities: Essential amenities like a fully equipped kitchen, modern washroom, and comfortable seating areas should be on your checklist. Extra features like dropdown beds and lounges add convenience.
  • Size and Manoeuvrability: While spacious interiors are excellent, ensure the motorhome is easy to manoeuvre, especially in tight spots or busy areas.

However, while there are numerous benefits, potential buyers should also consider some disadvantages:

  • Limited manoeuvrability in tight spaces
  • Higher fuel consumption compared to smaller models
  • Potentially more expensive maintenance and repair costs
  • Possible requirement for a special license depending on the weight

Where to Buy a 5-berth-motorhome?

For those looking to buy a 5-berth motorhome in the UK, a plethora of dealerships and online platforms are available. However, one name that consistently stands out is Oaktreemotorhomes. Known for their trustworthiness and excellent customer service, here are a few reasons why they might be your go-to:

  • Freebies Galore: Oaktreemotorhomes spoils its customers with a free 3-year RAC warranty, 1-year MOT, and even a free pre-delivery inspection. They also throw in a free 1-year road tax and provide a free engine and mechanical service, complete with a new timing belt.
  • Diverse Range: Their stock includes top brand motorhomes from the Bailey Autograph range, Burstner range, and Auto Trail range.
  • After Sales Service: Their full post-sale walkthrough on all motorhomes ensures customers are well-acquainted with their purchase.
  • Trade-Ins and Finance: The company allows part exchanges on motorhomes and, as a licensed credit broker, they can assist with financing options.

With over 10,000 satisfied customers and more than 500 five-star reviews, it’s clear why many consider Oaktreemotorhomes as their top choice when looking for 5 berth motorhomes for sale.


Selecting the ideal 5-berth motorhome involves considering various factors like cost, features, and the potential lifespan of the vehicle. By doing thorough research and seeking out reputable dealers like Oaktreemotorhomes, you can embark on countless adventures with confidence, comfort, and peace of mind.

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