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Motorhome Accessories

We fit a wide variety of accessories to motorhomes for our customers. When you purchase a motorhome from us and need additional extras, we can have them fitted ready for when you collect. If you have purchased a motorhome from us and after using it for a while you need some additional equipment fitting, we welcome you to get booked in for us to fit them for you.

We do sell quite a few items which are not listed here but below is some information about the main extras we fit. If you don’t see the equipment you require in the list, please contact us to see if we can help.

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Solar Panels

Solar Panels are becoming more and more of a must have accessory for a motorhome and we see a lot of used motorhomes coming into our stock with panels already fitted. Motorhome users are enjoying the freedom provided by extra power for off-grid camping.

We fit 100 watt and 150 watt solar panels with a digital display as standard. This will charge your leisure battery all year round providing you with extra power while you are camping and keeping your battery in good health whilst you are not using the motorhome. The split charger also keeps your vehicle battery topped up ensuring you never return to your motorhome storage to find your vehicle battery is flat or damaged due to neglect.

Refillable Gas System

If you are planning to travel abroad or just use your motorhome quite frequently then it will pay to have a refillable gas system fitted. There are filling stations all over the UK and Europe where you can fill your gas system, there are a few websites which can tell you where they all are. Filling you gas system is a lot cheaper than swapping rented bottles and bottle connections throughout Europe are not standard meaning in most countries you won’t be able to get bottles which will fit your motorhome.

We only fit Gaslow systems as these are the highest quality. We have investigated various cheaper systems and we have not been happy with the quality. We fit systems with 6kg and 11kg bottles which are the two sizes which fit most motorhomes.


An awning is an essential accessory to give you shade and shelter when sitting outside. A lot of used motorhomes already have an awning fitted but if the motorhome you are interested in or have already bought from us doesn’t have one then we can fit one for you no problem. We can fit all brands and sizes of awning providing they are compatible with your motorhome.

Safari Room

This accessory takes your wind out awning form a basic shelter to provide shade and protect you from light rain to a huge habitable space.

The awning room kits make the awning into a complete room which can be used to sleep extra guests, give dogs more space, store bulky items and give you a higher level of shelter in less desirable weather conditions.

Tow Bar

Tow bars and rear protection bars can be a very useful addition to a motorhome. Our customers mainly use tow bars for towing small cars so they have transport to explore once they get set up on a site. Motorhomes have high towing capacities of 1 to 3.5 tons, most motorhome can tow around 1.5 tons. Other great benefits from a tow bar include towing a trailer for vastly increasing your storage capacity, fitting a cycle rack which attaches purely to the tow bar and can be completely removed from the motorhome when not in use. You could even buy a smaller motorhome for regular use and with a tow bar you could tow a caravan to increase you living space on occasions when more family and friends travel with you.

When you buy a motorhome from us we can provide a complete tow bar package from just a simple ball to a tow ball with a rear protection bar and 13 pin electric socket. Our tow bar fitter can fit a tow bar to any vehicle even if it requires chassis extensions. All tow bars we have fitted to our motorhomes are type approved.


All modern used motorhomes we sell come from the factory with a category 2 Thatcham approved immobiliser which prevents thieves from being able to start your motorhomes engine without the special code stored in the key. Quite a lot of customers will opt for an anti-theft alarm system to deter thieves from breaking into the motorhome and stealing belongings. On higher value motorhomes, insurance companies will often insist the owner must have a category 1 Thatcham approved alarm fitted, in other cases it is optional but will often reduce the insurance premium and give you piece of mind.

We use an alarm specialist who is qualified to fit and certify insurance approved alarm systems which are specifically designed for motorhomes. The alarm systems we use have a variety of sensors and features to cover the various entrances and storage locker doors motorhomes feature.


Trackers are the ultimate in anti-theft protection. They constantly connect to GPS satellites which monitor the position of the motorhome and immediately sense your motorhome is moving without you deactivating the tracker. If your motorhome is in motion without your permission, it’s exact current location can be passed to police in the hope they can intercept the thieves and have your motorhome returned to you quickly and painlessly. Insurers may insist you have a tracker fitted to some higher value motorhomes but even if you are not required to have one fitted, they are the ultimate peace of mind that your motorhome is still where you left it.

We fit insurance approved trackers to a very high standard. The tracker itself is a very simple piece of kit to fit but the skill is in where to locate it. The most important thing to consider when fitting a tracker is ensuring a thief cannot find and disable the tracker before stealing your vehicle.

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced at finding very clever places to fit the tracker and hide the power connections making finding it a daunting and time consuming challenge for a thief.

Cycle Rack

Bikes are a great way get around once you have parked but they are quite bulky items to transport inside your motorhome and much up your storage space even if you have a large garage. Some people travel with their cycles in the motorhome and then take them outside once they get parked up. A cycle rack fitted to the rear of the motorhome is the best way to transport bikes, you can easily transport 4 cycles on most rack designs with taking up and other valuable space.

We fit a variety of cycle racks as some racks suite some designs of motorhomes more than others, we will be able to pick the rack which will fit your motorhome best. We can even fit cycle racks to a tow bar which has the advantage of being completely removable without a trace when not need and could be used on another vehicle when not in use on the motorhome.

Reverse Camera

Motorhomes are often bigger than vehicle you are used to driving and often have poor rear visibility. They do have large wing mirrors which makes it much easier than a car to use your wing mirrors to reverse. The ultimate in reversing confidence is having your eyes looking straight out of the rear of your motorhome via a reversing camera with a screen mounted on the dashboard or rear view mirror. You can reverse confidently and easily perform inch perfect manoeuvres with a clear aerial view from the camera mounted high on the rear of your motorhome.

We fit single and double lens cameras with all the wiring fitted neatly and professionally from the screen in the front to the camera at the back. The single lens camera is designed for help you reverse and is activated automatically when you select reverse gear. The twin lens camera gives you a constant view of the road behind you whilst you are driving due to one of the cameras being angled higher and just like the single lens the system will automatically switch to the other camera which is angled lower for reversing when you select reverse gear.


To make a motorhome a true home from home a lot of owners will want to relax in front of the TV with a glass of wine in the evening. Quite a lot of people with larger motorhomes will have a TV fitted in the lounge area and another fitted in the bed area.

We only fit purpose built leisure TVs made by Avtex which is a leading manufacturer of leisure electronics, leisure TVs have very low power consumption and can be used on mains or 12v. We have been fitting Avtex TVs for many years with outstanding reliability. We fit TVs with built in Freeview and if needed built in satellite decoder so you can connect your satellite system directly to the TV.


Being away in your motorhome is no reason to miss out on your favourite programs on your satellite subscription. Mobile satellite systems can seek the satellite and connect no matter where your motorhome is parked providing the dish has a clear view of the sky.

We fit a variety of satellite systems to suit your needs, you can have all the features your home system has such as twin LNB which allows you to connect to two channels simultaneously for viewing and / or recording. You can connect your satellite system anywhere on the globe so no need to miss out on your favourite programs even when travelling abroad.

TV Aerials

Most motorhomes have a TV aerial fitted as standard equipment or as we only sell used motorhomes we often find previous owners have TV aerials fitted. If the motorhome you are buying doesn’t have a TV Aerial fitted we can fit one and neatly run the cables to the area where you want your TV located.

We only fit purpose made leisure Digital TV aerials which are specially designed for motorhomes and caravans, leisure TV aerials can get a good connection to the signal no matter what orientation you park your motorhome. We fit directional pole aerials which can be raised up to clear objects which may be blocking the signal and orientated to face the transmitter for the best reception. We also fit dome aerials which are fixed and receive a signal from any direction.

Air Conditioning

There are two major types of air conditioning system found in motorhomes. Most motorhomes have cab air conditioning which is built into the vehicle and is powered by the engine, these systems are great for keeping your cool during long journeys but only function when the engine is running. We can have cab air conditioning fitted to a vehicle if needed.

Mains air conditioning fitted in the rear of the motorhome is perfect for keeping you cool when parked up on a site with mains hook up. Motorhomes can become quite hot on very sunny days especially if you intend to travel southern Europe during the summer. Rear mains air conditioning can keep your motorhome’s internal temperature constant 24 hours a day making it comfortable for resting and sleeping.

We fit a variety of mains air conditioning systems to suit your motorhome and needs. We prefer to fit Dometic systems as these are excellent quality with great reliability. We can also fit a power converter which means the air conditioning system will operate whilst the engine is running. With this system you can arrive in comfort with your whole motorhome already cooled to your desired temperature, cab air conditioning systems are great for keeping the cab cool but struggle to effectively cool the habitation area in hot conditions.

Diamondbrite Protection

Daimondbrite protection is the ultimate paint and upholstery treatment available in the UK. We are an approved Diamondbrite Applicator which means when we apply the protective coatings, they are covered by a lifetime guarantee. Your paint will keep its shine indefinitely without the need for polishing. The paint coating is so smooth and non-porous that dirty finds it difficult to get any purchase, you basically have a non-stick motorhome.

The fabric protection we apply to the interior is also covered by a lifetime warranty. When we apply the fabric protection it coats individual fibres within the fabric sealing them away making it impossible for them to absorb spills.

We have been applying Diamondbrite coatings to motorhomes we have sold for many years, we and our customers have been really impressed with it’s performance and the no quibble warranty.

Starter Pack

When you start out by buying your first leisure vehicle you won’t have any of the basic equipment you need to get started. We have put together a starter pack which contains the absolute essentials you will need for your first camping trip.

Our starter pack is great value as we give a discount on the items when they are purchased in a package. It contains a camping gas bottle for powering your heating and fridge off-grid along with the hob and oven, an outdoor grade cable for connecting your motorhome to mains power hook up, levelling chocks to help you get your motorhome level on an uneven surface, chemicals for the toilet cassette and cleaning the bowl and lastly a hose pipe which rolls up flat on a compact reel to allow you to fill your fresh water tank.

Extra Battery

Modern motorhome equipment such as LED lights and low power TVs combined with light weight high efficiency solar panels has made wild camping a few nights here and there a lot more practical. When planning to spend some of your break away from sites and mains power you need to have the confidence your leisure battery can give you ample reliable power.

We have a couple of options for increasing your leisure battery storage capacity. One option is for us to fit a second battery which will instantly double the amount of power you can store for quite a small initial investment.

We also sell the best Lithium leisure batteries in the market place. The performance of these batteries is astronomical compared to a conventional 12v battery. The initial investment is higher but when you consider the huge power density and lifespan of up to 15 years with a 10 year warranty then they actually work out a lot cheaper than conventional batteries. Our Transporter Energy Lithium batteries have the power output of 2-3 conventional batteries but weigh half as much as one. When compared to market leading lead acid batteries we find you would need 20 batteries to keep up with the performance and lifespan of a single lithium.

Cruise Control

A lot of motorhomes have cruise control fitted as it is a really useful feature for making long trips down the motorway more enjoyable for the driver. When using cruise control on a long journey it not only saves you knees but also saves fuel.

Unless you are perfect at compensating for wind and hills with the throttle pedal then you will save fuel with a cruise control system. The system automatically uses the minimum amount of throttle to maintain your selected speed. We use a professional company who we have used for many years to fit all our cruise control systems. The company we use can supply a variety of options to ensure they can fit a system to any of the motorhomes we sell.