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Activities And Entertainment For All

The British summer really is in full swing now and we’re pretty confident there’s still some sun to come this bank holiday weekend. So, here at Oaktree Motor Homes we’ve been racking our brains for the very best activities you shouldn’t miss out on when away in your motorhome, whatever your age.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fanatic athlete, a complete couch potato or anything in between, we’ve found activities for everyone.

Soaking up the Great British countryside

Motorhome holidays are perfect for ramblers who like to spend hours walking whatever the weather, but two feet aren’t the only way to explore, and while we can’t always guarantee the weather, we have found some great alternatives to walking.

First up, cycling; be prepared and fit a bike rack to your motorhome and this way you’re ready for a bike ride at any time. Many sites have cycle paths attached and often provide maps, so you can plan a route suited to your family’s ability. If there’s no obvious route, go out exploring, see where you end up and teach the kids that sense of adventure you always go on about. What’s more, bikes are handy for nipping to the shop for that extra pint of milk and save you from packing up the whole family.


For the daredevil families with adrenaline junkie kids, turn your hand to white water rafting. You may have to be a bit more prepared for this one, but we’ve found some great spots in Wales where you can also enjoy the unbelievably impressive views. What better way to spend your bank holiday than experiencing the thrill of rushing water followed by a relaxing evening back in your motorhome surrounded by your loved ones?

For those that are hard to entertain

Are your kids notoriously difficult to entertain? Do you need to keep their minds busy and their legs busier? Then plan ahead and organise a treasure hunt or find an organised one – there are lots of companies online who provide prepared treasure hunts all over the UK. You can tie it in with the local area, such as questions about nature in woodlands, or with the time of year, such as Easter and Christmas themed clues and prizes.

Spending time with your family is one of the perks of a motorhome holiday, so why not take this one step further; have a BBQ and invite the family from two pitches down. The adults get to share a drink or two, great conversation and even get some tips about activities in the local area, and the kids can play to their hearts content – win win!

Back at base

Whether you’re enjoying the local area, getting active or seeing the sights, the nice days are easy to fill but we know boredom can strike in the evening or on a rainy day. Here at Oaktree we’ve put together our favourite activities and games for in the caravan.

  1. A pack of cards. You forget just how much fun you can get out of a pack of cards, whether it’s snap for the kids or poker for the adults, everyone can get involved.
  2. Board games. Everyone has a favourite, and while the likes of Twister can be a bit tight, some of our motorhome favourites are Scrabble, Monopoly, Guess Who and Uno.
  3. What better way to pass a rainy day than snuggling up under a duvet, listening to the rain and watching a film? Add in a hot chocolate and we can’t think of anything to beat it.
  4. You can use a pack, an app on your phone or just completely make it up; there’s never an excuse not to play charades!
  5. Motorhomes don’t always have the largest kitchens, but they’ve still got everything you need. We get the whole family involved and cook up a feast, anything from spaghetti bolognaise to a Sunday roast.

That’s all our favourite activities and games, but do let us know yours when you come to visit. But for now, enjoy the bank holiday away in your motorhome.

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