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Oaktree motorhomes prize themselves on excellent customer service and back up long after the sale has happened. We have an old-fashioned idea that if they give excellent customer service you will never want or need to go anywhere else


Step one in aftersales is to sell the right motorhomes, we only choose high quality, well maintained motorhomes for our pitch.


Step two is to prepare the motorhome to a high standard before it is delivered to the customer.


Step three is to supply it with an excellent sales package including a RAC three year warranty, one years road tax, one years MOT, Cambelt change, full engine service, full habitation service and detailed handover demonstrating all the equipment working.

Motorhome Aftersales

Sales Team Support

The sales team are there for you right through, not just on the day. We believe that if the continued support is there, you, your friends and family would never think of going anywhere else. The sales team will support you with minor issues and queries for as long as you own the motorhome, even years after purchasing the motorhome from us. If you need accessories fitting, servicing or repairs you will be referred to our service team.

Service Team Support

We have an excellent service team here headed up by Dave Bacon and Gina Barsby who regularly get mentions in customer service reviews on Trustpilot. Oaktree does not take on outside service work as we only wish to focus on our own customers and give them our full attention and back up. Our workshop and service staff are dedicated to you and only you.

Habitation And Vehicle Service

We buy a lot of motorhomes from customers who have paid for recent damp checks and habitation services. We regularly find damp and other habitation faults which have been missed. Damp problems are time critical as the cost of repair continues to rise the longer the ingress goes undetected. Our habitation services are probably the best in the industry and are exclusively available to customers who purchase their motorhome from Oaktree.

We perform a very rigorous and comprehensive service of the whole vehicle. Our service is to such a high standard that it meets the maintenance criteria stipulated by the RAC warranty company.

On The Habitation Side

On The Habitation Side
  • We check all the equipment and appliances are working correctly and make repairs / replacements where necessary.
  • We do a detailed damp check with high quality equipment and importantly experienced technicians.
  • Our gas safe trained engineers will do a gas safety check (most dealers do not have certified engineers) and check all the gas powered equipment such as heating, fridge, hob and oven.
  • We check the whole water system including pump, heater, tanks, taps, gauges, sink/shower drains and tank/boiler drain valves.
  • 12v power system including lights, charging, battery health, solar panels, control panel, 12v appliances, 12v sockets and tow electrics.
  • 240v power system and all appliances are checked. Importantly we check the RCD protection system and the earth connection is safe for use. Our workshop manager is a fully qualified and experienced electrician, so all power systems are checked to a domestic safety standard.
  • We check a huge list of small functional items such as locks, catches, hinges, blinds, skylights, windows, flyscreens etc
  • We can incorporate Accessory fitting, repairs or alterations into the service visit if you advise us in advance so we can book extra time for your job.

On The Vehicle Side

On The Vehicle Side
  • We do a full vehicle service as you would expect. We do a detailed multi point inspection to ensure your motorhome is in a reliable, safe condition.
  • We change the oil, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter* on every vehicle.
  • Levels of all other fluids are checked and topped up where necessary.
  • All brakes are inspected.
  • The engine battery is tested to ensure it has good output.
*some fuel filters are long life design. We follow the manufacturers guidance on replacement

Habitation And Vehicle Service Plus Mot

This is the same as the Habitation and Vehicle service schedule above with the addition of an MOT. It may be useful to have the MOT local to you if you are travelling some distance as if your motorhome fails and the repairs cannot be made immediately, you will not be able to drive your motorhome.


We can fit a wide range of accessories to your motorhome. All our workmanship at Oatree is done to a very high standard. Nothing leaves our workshop unless we are entirely happy with the job. If you are purchasing a motorhome we can have any accessories fitted ready for when you collect. If you have already purchased your motorhome from us we would be happy to book you back in for fitting accessories.
Please see our accessories list for common items we fit regularly and feel free to enquire if there is something you require which you can’t see on the list.


Aftersales Repairs
When something fails in your motorhome you need it repairing as quickly as possible. Like many motorhome dealers our workshop is busy all the time but the main difference with Oaktree is that we do not take on outside work and only work on motorhomes purchased from us. Structuring our workshop this way allows us to book customers in needing repairs in the shortest possible time. When one of our customer needs a repair they are treated with the highest priority.
The 3 year warranty (especially if upgraded) will cover the cost of most faults meaning a lot of repairs can be done at no further cost to the customer. The warranty which we provide free with every motorhome covers both the vehicle and habitation aspects of the vehicle and provides £500 per claim towards the parts and labour cost of repair, you can make unlimited claims throughout the 3 years and have repairs made at any VAT registered repairer. The free warranty can be upgraded for £499 for the full 3 years to take European cover from 60 days per trip to 90 days per trip and the claim value up to £2000 per claim.

Air Conditioning RE-GAS

Air Conditioning RE-GAS
We offer an air conditioning system re-gassing service. We only use the highest quality gas and equipment. Our technician is fully qualified to service the air conditioning system which means should there be a fault with your system or a leak, we can depressurise the system and make repairs or replace faulty parts.
Not all air conditioning servicing is equal and although on the surface we may not be the cheapest, we don’t compromise on quality of the gas, tools required or certification to work with the gas legally.

Hydrogen Engine Clean

Hydrogen Engine Clean
The hydrogen engine clean is a new and innovative technology which uses a simple principle to effectively clean all parts of your engine which can encounter build up of carbon deposits from combustion.
The Carbon Tec HHO machine introduces a specific dose of hydrogen to the engines intake to increase the combustion temperature enough to free the heavy carbon deposits. During the process you can literally see all the dirt which is being broken down come out of the exhaust. Towards the end of the process the exhaust runs completely clean again as all the carbon deposits have been broken down and expelled.


When looking for insurance providers for your motorhome you must make sure you use a dedicated leisure vehicle insurance specialist, not an insurer who specialises in cars. We find that most customers will pay between £300-£400 per year to insure a motorhome and this will come with motorhome specific cover and breakdown recovery.
A specialist insurer will recognise that motorhome owners don’t tend to be ‘boy racers’ and are often careful, low risk drivers. They also recognise that most motorhomes don’t get used as a regular vehicle and spend most of their time in storage which significantly reduces risk and liability. A car insurer will tend to insure a motorhome based on it’s value so they would quote very high figures simply because their underwriters don’t understand the vehicle.

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