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Best Month to Buy a Used Motorhome

Most motorhomes have their own advantages and features that make them stand out. And getting the right motorhome, camper, or caravan is an investment every family should make.

But what is the best time of the year to buy used motorhome models?

If you want to purchase a motorhome but don’t know where to start, or you’ve heard many horror stories about missing out on great deals, then keep reading.

Exhausting your savings or taking a personal loan to purchase next year’s dream motorhome model might not be a good idea. You can buy a used motorhome from the same company at a lower price.

For those who don’t know the best time to get a good deal and attractive discounts that make good sense, Here’s what you need to know about buying your first motorhome!

What time of year is best to buy a motorhome?

Timing your purchase or even when you hire a motorhome has numerous benefits. Generally, sales for motorhomes start towards the end of September or the beginning of October and run through November.

Most sales for the new year’s models happen early in October or November. This is the least busy time of the year, and plenty of great deals are introduced during this period, both for new vehicles and second-hand motorhome models.

You can visit dealerships close to you and decide if any of their inventory catches your eye. But don’t forget to do due diligence regarding factors like warranty, accessories and even depreciation value before making your pick.

Motorhome enthusiasts know the low season when new and used motorhomes are sold at the best prices. So, to make a motorhome purchase at the perfect time, you must pay attention to the selling season.

You can also go to convention centres to learn about the motorhomes available and discover the best way to purchase one or an RV from a dealer.

Why buy a motorhome during the winter months?

Why buy a motorhome during the winter months?

According to industry salespeople, the hunt for a motorhome is best done during the early winter because it’s not high season, and you can get a bargain and spend less than at other times of the year. Luckily, you can also enjoy many other benefits like those below.

Most motorhome and campervan owners are more willing to sell after the summer

Why? Because the summer months are when most of those who own motorhomes and campervans use them the most. So for owners, it makes sense to be able to sell their vehicle after a busy season so they can reinvest in something new or different.

This means that there is generally more available stock on the market at this time of year, giving buyers a much wider range of options from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for a luxury RV with all mod cons, or something more compact and practical, there’s likely to be something out there for you.

Also, winter weather tends to make motorhome shopping easier as fewer people are out and about seeking them out. It allows buyers to take their time browsing sites and dealerships or even to go out of their way to find a bargain.

Motorhome owners can be keen to sell to avoid winter storage costs

RVs are harder to maintain in winter, so they are often sold off cheaper. Owners thinking about upgrading aim to sell their RVs before winter to avoid the cost of maintenance and storage – so it’s an ideal time to find the best deals.

Motorhome dealer discounts

Your local motorhome dealership will likely try to sell off most of their stock that didn’t make good sales during the springtime.

There are lots of discounts available during winter and hopping on such deals is an excellent idea if you are buying on a budget and want to save money.

Motorhome shows offer inspiration

Motorhome shows are one of the best ways to learn about the different types of vehicles. Get familiar with the various capacities and purchase one that fits your needs.

Some manufacturers offer end-of-year discounts on motorhomes. Taking advantage of these offers can be a great way of getting the vehicle you want without breaking the bank.

There’s no denying that winter is an ideal time for buying a motorhome. With plenty of stock available, potential discounts and less demand in the market, it could well be the time to find yourself the perfect RV.

Are there any advantages to buying a motorhome during spring/summer?

Are there any advantages of buying a motorhome during spring/summer

Yes. There are advantages to buying a motorhome during the spring and summer months.

For example, many people travel during this time of year. So it may be easier to find deals on used motorhomes as dealers try to clear out their inventory before the fall/winter season.

On top of that, since most RV manufacturers begin releasing new models in the spring for the summer ahead, there may be more used motorhome models to choose from.

More tips on when to buy a motorhome

Whether you’re interested in buying one of next year’s models or a pre-owned one, you need to know the busiest time and avoid it. Let’s go over a few more tips to help make your choice better.

Personally make enquires at different dealerships before buying

Thoroughly researching manufacturer and model options gives you an advantage before you even set foot in any motorhome/RV showroom with sales staff.

You’ll get to know the best quality models and which of them will likely give you a great time during vacations.

Effective research before buying a motorhome or RV can help you get the absolute best price possible.

Rent an RV for a camping holiday

Hire a new model or even an RV from private sellers in the used market for a week or so to see if you like the vehicle. Renting the same model of motorhome or RV you are interested in purchasing for a test drive is one of the best ways to be sure of your choice.

Follow RV websites and be on the lookout for sales

Get notifications from dealer websites to help your search. Finding the best time for sales of motorhomes, RVs and campervans direct from manufacturers and dealers is an easy way of saving a bit more money – without even leaving your house.

Never be in a hurry to buy an RV

Before making a final decision on any RV of interest, ensure it meets all your needs to avoid making a mistake. A great piece of advice is to wait for the availability of your desired RV rather than just settling for what’s available at the moment.

Visit dealerships on weekdays

Weekends are busy as many people are usually free and always want to negotiate a lower price. However, on weekdays, motorhomes listed in the same showroom might be on sale, and you can get a good deal because there are fewer customers during the week.

Always inspect a used RV model from an online market or dealer

To avoid disappointment, before purchasing from a private seller online, meet up with the owner at an agreed location to check out the vehicle and ensure it is what you want.

Purchase your RV before new models get launched on the market

This is a tip that most people don’t talk about. This technique requires patience, as you must wait for the launch of newer models of the RV you wish to purchase to be released.

The only downside to this is, of course, the waiting period. The release of newer models automatically causes a decrease in the prices of older versions of the brand, so you automatically save more.

Don’t forget the HPI check

An HPI check on any used motorhome (or car) is vital to ensure it is legit. Make sure its history and all other details are correct before you invest.

Go to RV shows

RV shows are probably one of the best places to get good deals on a new motorhome worth buying. Every salesperson is keen to offer great prices and financing to lure potential buyers. Even if you want to shop on a budget, there’ll be motorhome options that you can afford and won’t strain your wallet.

Because of the competition, RV dealers and private sellers offer discounts and affordable prices to everyone walking around such shows. Ideal for people who are working on a strict budget for buying a motorhome.

Most of the time, it is beneficial to buy at an RV show rather than a private sale elsewhere or use local RV dealers. Many private sellers at such shows allow you to haggle to reach a favourable deal.

Monitor gas prices

High gas prices can be a good sign if you want to get a motorhome. Some RV owners might want to finally trade in their RV or sell it off – and that’s an opportunity for you to save money in the long run.

Consider your local weather

Your local weather is a factor that could determine when you buy an RV. Be on the lookout for end-of-season sales as many used motorhomes are less expensive then. Try and get one after the summer and before winter sets in.

Buying a new vs used motorhome

Buying a new vs. used motorhome

Whether you purchase a used or new motorhome, it does not matter as long as the vehicle is in perfect condition.

Buying a used motorhome reduces spending and still allows you to have a good time with lots of storage space. But if you are up for an adventure and want to take your RV for long and arduous trips, it is best to opt for a new RV.

Where can you buy a used motorhome?

Looking to buy a used motorhome with little to no risk and facilities typically found in new RVs but not spend a fortune?

Well, search no further because, at Oaktree, we have some of the best used motorhomes for sale at the right price.

How to choose the best motorhome according to your needs

How to choose the best motorhome according to your needs

There are specific things motorhome buyers need to review to be sure they are making a good choice.

Choosing the best motorhome for your specific needs can be a daunting task. There are many different types of motorhomes on the market, each with unique features and advantages. To select the best motorhome, consider the following factors:

  • Size: From large luxury models that provide plenty of room for the whole family to smaller rigs designed for two people or less. If you plan to use your motorhome often or want lots of space, look for a larger model with additional seating and sleeping options.
  • Type: Class A motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious, while Class B models offer a more streamlined design that is great for smaller families or couples. Low-mileage Class C rigs provide a good balance of size and features, perfect for those who want to experience the joys of RVing without breaking the bank.
  • Fuel Efficiency: While larger models typically have more power and amenities, they can also be expensive to maintain due to their high fuel consumption. Smaller rigs tend to be much more fuel-efficient, allowing you to save money in the long run.
  • Cost: Motorhome prices range from budget-friendly to luxury models with hefty price tags. Consider your budget carefully when selecting so you don’t overspend on features you won’t need or use. Don’t overlook the cost of insurance.
  • Storage: If you plan to store your RV in a garage, pay attention to its size when shopping for one. Remember that a Class A motorhome can be difficult to park due to its large footprint, and smaller rigs may have limited living space.
  • Maintenance: When comparing different motorhome types, consider the maintenance required and how much time and money it will cost to keep them running smoothly. Class C rigs are the most low-maintenance option as they are typically built with fewer components and features than their larger counterparts.
  • Safety: Finally, it is important to consider safety when choosing an RV. Class A and C models tend to have bigger and more powerful engines, giving them better stability on the road. Additionally, they typically feature higher ground clearance than smaller rigs, making them less vulnerable to shifting terrain or debris on the road. These features can provide extra peace of mind if you plan on taking your RV off-road into the country or in remote locations.


There are various types of motorhomes, and if you are unsure what to get, the internet is a great place to start your research. You can also link up with other RV lovers and get more input.

Don’t rush to get the best deal or upgrade your RV; relax and do thorough research before purchasing while aligning your pick with your demands and needs.


What is the best month to buy a used motorhome?

In England and the UK generally, September is the best month to buy a used motorhome. However, you can still get sweet prices from October through January and even mid-March.

Do motorhome prices drop in winter?

For a fact, most motorhome prices drop drastically during the winter season. According to motorhome manufacturers, it’s tedious work and takes lots of money to maintain RVs during winter.

What is the worst time of the year to buy a motorhome?

Avoid spring or summertime when buying a motorhome, as this is the worst time of the year to make such a purchase.

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