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Caravan, Camping And Motorhome Show 2017

Planning on going to the NEC Motorhome Show?

The Motorhome Lifestyle Keeps Growing

Did you know that nearly four out of ten adults went camping or caravanning in the last three years? It seems that the market for leisure vehicles continues to steadily grow.

The NCC (National Caravan Council) have estimated that there are more than 205,000 motorhomes currently in use with a total of over one million leisure vehicles in the UK.


We love the fact that outdoor lifestyle is helping families reconnect with their environment as over 78% of parents are concerned that their children don’t spend enough time interacting with nature and wildlife, according to the Wildlife Trust.

With potential climate changes improving the appeal of a UK-based holiday destination with summer temperatures increasing and a longer summer season it’s no wonder that the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show is becoming an annual mecca for visitors, keen to see the latest vehicles and motorhome layouts.

The outdoor lifestyle is being driven by a growing adventurous spirit in people with the desire to experience different scenery, cultures and places around the UK and beyond.

Can You Afford To Ignore Buying A Used Motorhome?

Sounds great, doesn’t it! But the cost of entry to this idyllic lifestyle can be a barrier for many younger families and as you meander around the show’s massive halls you’ll see eye-watering amounts of money being asked for those shiny new vehicles. Thankfully, there is a solution for those without the deepest of pockets.

Firstly, don’t be put off from going to the show, it’s a great day out for the family and we would positively encourage you to spend the day looking at all the vehicles, gathering your thoughts into a wish list. Categorise your criteria as; Must-Have, Should-Have, Could-Have. What can you live with… and without?

You Don’t Have To Buy A New Motorhome

Now don’t go making any rash decisions at the show. You will be sorely tempted by the salesmen to sign up there and then. The “one time offer” or “show special” is not as special as you will soon come to realise. But whilst the lure of the perfect vehicle layout may loom large there are other critical issues that you won’t be aware of but are just as important.

Oaktree Motorhomes’ Top 6 Motorhome Buying Criteria

Here is our list of top six criteria for buying ANY motorhome whether new or ssed… and they are not about the vehicle.

  1. Would a nearly-new vehicle be acceptable if it saved you £20,000 or more? If you could get the very same motorhome, similar or even better, together with a host of accessories such as awning, satellite TV, bike rack, air conditioning, etc., and make a huge saving in too I’m pretty sure you would seriously consider if the extra cost for buying new, without the accessories, would be worth it. Now we all love that new vehicle smell so you’ll be pleased to know that the love, care and attention to detail we put into cleaning, servicing and preparing a used motorhome would amply repay that desire. You would be hard pushed to tell the difference sometimes. And let’s be clear, the huge depreciation of a new vehicle is almost criminal, isn’t it? Thankfully, used motorhomes maintain their value extremely well. Peace of mind all round we’d say.
  2. New vehicles are not as well built these days. Oaktree motorhomes has experience of almost every type of new and used motorhome that’s ever been on the market and our customers tell us that buying new does not come without an element of hassle in getting all the production problems sorted out. Motorhome manufacturers can and do miss simple things like badges and decals and almost always pass the buck to dealers to sort everything out under warranty. This alone can be fraught with problems if your dealer doesn’t care and your snagging list on your new vehicle is extensive. Buying new doesn’t guarantee you a fault-free vehicle and this situation alone doesn’t make the experience worth the extra money. With Oaktree Motorhomes every vehicle that comes to us goes through our meticulous inspection, testing, cleaning and servicing processes to eliminate any issues leaving you with a vehicle that is 100% ready for you to enjoy. We appreciate your time and your money is more valuable when you’re in control. You can also read more about our motorhome aftersales services here.
  3. How long has your dealer been in business? You will need to know that the dealer will be there when you need them in the future? Knowing that a dealer has been there for 20 years is at least some indication that they’ve got it right. Nevertheless, some dealers are so fixated on profit before customers that you’d be forgiven for thinking they care about you at all. If you’ve been chased around the dealership forecourt by a salesman, then you’ll know what we mean. In contrast, Oaktree Motorhomes is a very successful family owned and run dealership and have been around since 1996. We are very laid-back to allow you to wander around on your own, but when you do need us be assured that everyone is focussed on delivering exceptional customer service and that must be a good thing.
  4. What do their customer reviews say? Have you ever judged a restaurant on their reviews and picked one with 5 stars? The quality and quantity of customer reviews say a lot about a company and it’s interesting that many dealerships don’t publicise their customer reviews. I wonder why? Oaktree set its sights on being a 5-star company many years ago and with over 230 open and honest Trustpilot reviews from real customers in the past year alone we’ve built a huge amount of trust and achieved an amazing reputation. It’s all based on amazing customer service and an equally amazing team of people. That’s important, isn’t it?
  5. What do they offer as standard, as part of the deal? Is the ‘no-name’ three or twelve months’ warranty you might be offered at many used motorhome dealerships really worth the paper it’s written on? You decide, but Oaktree will give you, absolutely free of charge, three whole years of RAC European warranty. This is judged by many as the gold standard of warranty. We will also give you 12 months Tax and 12 months MOT ABSOLUTELY FREE. We want to give our customers total peace of mind and this is our way of guaranteeing our work too.
  6. How were you treated when you visited them? We often hear horror stories of how other dealerships treated the customer. How they were ‘pounced on’ as soon as they showed any interest in a vehicle and then never left alone. We think that’s far too intrusive. We also hear about dealerships where all the vehicles are locked up and you have to go ‘cap in hand’ for permission to have it unlocked. That’s not the Oaktree way. Our vehicles are left unlocked so you can browse at your leisure and we leave you to have a good look around without a salesman looking over your shoulder. When you’re ready you can pop into our cosy reception for some refreshments and then one of our helpful salesmen can answer all your questions and maybe point you at some alternatives that you may have missed. Our ‘no hassle’ policy is a far less stressful way of selecting a used motorhome. We just want to be helpful as the vehicles and our amazing customer service sells itself.
  7. How will they treat you after you’ve driven off? Where you buy is often just as important as what you buy. Oaktree is renowned for going the extra mile to ensure your vehicle is in great condition. This is even more important after you’ve driven off. We fully understand that if things do go wrong then you want them fixed, and quickly. If you forgot how something works then just give us a call (Our Jason will personally help you – even out of hours). We won’t fob you off with a ‘not our problem’ excuse. Our reputation stands by your experience of our service so we prefer to get involved as early as possible to help you sort it out. It’s all about building trust and taking responsibility and we often wonder why this doesn’t happen elsewhere.

Huge Discounts Across The Range

Oaktree Motorhomes will be offering massive discounts and superb prices on used and nearly new motorhomes and campervans from our stock of over 75 vehicles. You could potentially save tens of thousands of £££s by buying a quality used motorhome or campervan from us.

By selecting a used vehicle, instead of buying new, you may also get thousands of pounds worth of accessories thrown in too. Awnings, satellite TV, air conditioning, bike racks, A-frames, and so on. It can really add up. Buying a used motorhome or campervan from Oaktree Motorhomes could be the best decision you ever made. But remember, you won’t see us at any of the motorhome shows.

Don’t forget, there’s the VAT aspect too. You’ll be paying 20% VAT on a new vehicle – on a £70,000 new motorhome that could run to nearly £14,000 just in tax. That’s a large amount to be wiped off the value of a new motorhome as soon as you drive it off the forecourt. Think of all the adventures you could have for £14,000!

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Used?

There are lots of advantages to buying a pre-owned motorhome:

  • Free 3 year RAC warranty
  • If you buy new, the 20% VAT depreciation happened as soon as the vehicle left the original dealer’s forecourt
  • You save thousands! Even tens of thousands!
  • All the initial problems have been ironed out – trust me, there are always a few
  • Motorhomes don’t often do huge mileage, so the engine is often in top nick
  • You’ll get more for your money – guaranteed
  • Free 3 year RAC warranty
  • We’ll happily take another vehicle in part exchange – no hassle It may even have those essential accessories, like a satellite dish, awning or bike rack
  • Our guarantee and 3-year warranty package gives you total peace of mind
  • We’ll also give you 12 months road fund tax and MOT too.

So, How Do You Get The Best Out Of The Show?

Our advice is to go to the Motorhome Show, have a great day out, look at all the motorhomes, their layouts and make your notes and then have a look at our website or just pop over for a hassle-free wander around the 75 motorhomes we have available. We’re confident you’ll find something that meets your needs both in layout and price and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that it will be properly set up and serviced, tested, cleaned and ready for you to enjoy from day 1.

Oaktree Motorhomes, the best experience for you when buying a used motorhome. Call today on 0115 930 3140!


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