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How To Sell Your Motorhome

Is there a brand-new motorhome taking your fancy, or have you found a new layout that better suits your family, or maybe your downsizing or upsizing? Whatever your reasons for selling your motorhome, make sure you get a fair price and use a method most convenient to you.

Check out the four main ways to sell below, and the pros and cons of each before deciding.

Part exchange

Most people choose to part exchange purely for the convenience, and we don’t blame them! With part exchange you can sell your motorhome as you buy a motorhome which is great if you need the money from the sale for the purchase of your next vehicle. Also, this way you’re never without a motorhome, so you never have to miss an impromptu getaway with friends.

Although this method of selling is quick and easy, it is not always the most financially beneficial. People often find they can get a better price when using a different method, but you should weigh up wasted time, cost of adverts or brokerage costs.

Sell to a dealer

Here at Oaktree we act as an instant cash buyer when you want to sell your motorhome. This way you can get the money for your motorhome quickly, in as little as 24 hours, so you’re ready to purchase your next abode on wheels as soon as it becomes available.

When selling to Oaktree, we offer a quick and hassle-free sale with free home collection, we will handle and pay off existing finance and offer cash in your pocket in 24 hours.

Each dealers’ buying scheme may be slightly different, you can find out more about selling to us on our website.

Use a broker

A motorhome broker will sell your motorhome for you, guarantee you a better price then selling straight to the dealer and take away the hassle of selling. Oaktree Motorhomes acts as a broker and the benefits of using us include, high return for your motorhome with minimal hassle; free pick up and storage of your motorhome; finance settled for you; and we also provide your motorhome with a 3-year warranty, full cleaning, service and MOT. All of this is done for a fixed brokerage fee.

With motorhome brokerage you wait longer for your money, you won’t receive payment until the vehicle has been sold, but this generally results in a higher price for you.

Find out about Oaktree Motorhomes’ sales packages.

Sell privately

Selling privately comes with a whole host of benefits and negatives. Firstly, you should be able to secure the best price for your motorhome and not have to pay any fees for someone handling the sale for you.

On the flip side, you must be prepared to deal with every final detail of the sale, including all the paperwork such as liaising with DVLA about change of owner. Also, people will try and barter with you, tell you your motorhome isn’t worth what you’re asking and frankly try to rip you off. What’s more, thieves are known to target private sellers.

Preparing for sale

Once you decide how you’re going to sell your motorhome, make sure you fully prepare your motorhome for sale. Here’s a few key points to carry out:

  • Thoroughly clean the inside and out of your motorhome
  • Remove all personal goods
  • Ensure your motorhome has a full 12-month MOT
  • If it doesn’t already have one, get a habitation check
  • Ensure all details on the V5C are correct.

But more importantly, once you decide to sell your motorhome, have fun choosing that next family home or couple’s haven on wheels!

One thought on “How To Sell Your Motorhome

  1. A very first approach. We have an Eldis Sunseeker 100, 2006, low mileage..37000 and a bit. Bought a year ago..not used…taxed and MOT’d. Wondering what you would offer us/ sell it for? VGC just didn’t work out for our family. We are away now for 3 weeks hoping to sell on our return.

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