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Laika Used Motorhomes for Sale

Laika Used Motorhomes for Sale

The original Laika was a Soviet space dog who, aboard Sputnik 2, became the first living creature to orbit the Earth. Inspired by the innovation which had made this possible, when Giovan Battista Moscardini founded his Italian caravan company in 1964, he named it after this first, canine, cosmonaut.

Thoughout the intervening half-century, Laika has strived to stay at the forefront of the industry, aiming to offer its customers the utmost in functionality, innovation and comfort. And, always, customer satisfaction has remained their primary objective.

In the late 70’s Laika produced their first motorhome which was to be a memebr of the ‘Motorpolo’ series. The Motorpolo range proved a great success and was followed by the longest lasting iconic range; the ‘Ecovip’. The elegant ‘Kreos’ series was launched in 1999.

Around the year 2000 the firm was taken over by Erwin Hymer Group. This was a well versed event now as Erwin Hymer swept through the industry absorbing smaller manufacturers and investing heavily to modernise their production systems.

Plenty of choice

The latest edition to the Laika portfolio is the ‘Kosmo’ range which was launched in 2018. Laika now have 3 distinct series of motorhomes for different levels of luxury, budget and comfort.

By our count Laika have 42 different models available at the moment!

Here is a typical Walkaround Video of a Laika X595C

Here is a walkaround of a Laika X595C that we published, it is one of our older video so it is not as good as our current videos. Alongside the detailed description and photos, most of our vehicle detail pages have a walkaround video. This video will give you a much more detailed insight into the actual motorhome we have for sale.

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