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Used Lunar Motorhomes UK

Used Lunar Motorhomes UK

The Lunar brand has been in production since 1969 – the very name was inspired by the moon landings of that year. Today, as then, Lunar stands for everything that has always made British industry great – pride, passion, quality and innovation.

Their mission is simple and has gone unchanged since they first began the production of caravans over four decades ago: to produce high quality, lightweight mobile holiday homes with luxurious interiors.

That they have achieved this with their motorhomes is self-evident, and they are still doing it today with as much passion as when they first began with their humble beginnings all that time ago.

Innovation when it comes to design and engineering is the watchword at Lunar, and with each new model they strive not only to beat the competition, but also to better themselves.

Lunar is Dead

Lunar had problems in 2019 and briefly went into administration before being rescued by a South African investor. It is widely assumed that the company was drowning in warranty claims due to recent models being produced poorly. Competing manufacturers had left Lunar behind in the constant strive to eliminate common faults and water ingress from leisure vehicle

The new owners was basically an accountant with no knowledge of producing leisure vehicles. The new owners had access to people who were highly experienced in producing goods from wood and metal. I think they expected to combine the expertise of their industry contacts with the left over staff from the original company and make a viable team who could produce a quality leisure vehicle but it didn’t work.

The company and staff were left high and dry when the owners pulled out. Staff were not paid as the rules in the UK mean the banks get their share first! Suddenly being left with no wages in the run up to Christmas was a harsh final blow to the remaining loyal staff.

It is a shame to to lose another British manufacturer but market forces prevail.

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