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Motorhome Amenities: 33 To Have in a Luxury Vehicle

Modern motorhomes are the new rave right now, and everyone obviously wants their living space to have all the features that make a home comfortable.

You’re not exactly required to furnish your RV with expensive amenities, however, there are certain must-haves that you need in your motorhome space.

If you are always on the road with your motorhome, or you enjoy going on trips with your family, then it’s best to make sure you get the full motorhome life experience, and what better way to achieve that than doing the needful?

Let’s look at amenities that you need in your RV, to give you the comfort of home.

What Facilities Do Motorhomes Have?

Most motorhomes come with basic amenities that you’ll need to enjoy the night out of your house. However, if you intend to live full-time in your camper or you plan on spending lots of time there, then maybe you should consider the addition of some extra equipment and amenities.

Below is a list of various important amenities you’ll need in your motorhome while travelling:


Having a motorhome without any power system is going to be a frustrating experience, because how do you intend to keep your devices all charged?

For your RV to operate on either a DC or AC power, it needs a battery and of course, a hook-up to charge the chassis and coach. You can use a leisure battery to power the appliances in your camper, as it provides a power source to the 12v appliances.

There are different power sources you can use for your campervan; solar energy, house batteries, inverters, or even a motorhome generator.

Gas System – Cooking and Cooling

Gas System – Cooking and Cooling

Depending on the number of weeks you intend on spending on the road, at some point you’ll feel the urge to cook up something light to eat.

Using bottled butane or propane is the best way to cook, boil water, and even keep your fridge cold.

Remember that many A-class motorhomes come with a kitchen space, so it’s up to you to install an induction hob for your comfort (although some motorhomes have one already).

Electricity System – For Lights and charging

There are different types of electricity you can utilize for your motorhome;

  • 230V Mains AC Power

Campsites tend to come with electricity to enable you to use whatever devices you need. After successfully packing your RV at the campsite, connect your RV to the 230v mains. This should supply you with enough electricity to power most devices. But note that when you plug in too many heavy appliances, it might trip off.

  • 12 Volt DC Power

The 12v DC system is responsible for running the electrical components of the battery and engine of your RV. Motorhomes have a control panel that notifies you when the 12-volt power is already below 50%, and when this happens, you need to charge.

  • 230V AC to 12V DC Using an Inverter

In case you are at a camp site with no mains power and you need to plug in your devices, don’t worry, as you can always use an inverter.

If you need access to a 230 power supply to connect your amenities like fridges, and ovens, or even charge up your device (laptop, mobile phone), you can use a 230v inverter with your 12v leisure battery.

You can either go for the sine wave inverter if you have heavy appliances you’ll need to plug in or the modified sine wave which is a cheaper alternative, but its capacity will be limited.

Heating – Warm Air and Hot Water

Heating – Warm Air and Hot Water

Some models of motorhomes come with water and air heaters connected already, and this is a suitable option for those that want to spend long hours comfortably in their vehicle.

So, on cold days, you can easily turn up the heater.

Heated floors

Heated floors is a luxury amenity you’ll find in high-end RVs, and it’s simply just to provide you with the needed warmth during blizzard conditions.

Electric fireplace

Assuming you aren’t particular about running out of battery, you can always choose to install an electric fireplace inside your RV, as this will be needed on days when it’s freezing outside.

A Kitchen

A Kitchen

Having a kitchen space is a big deal, especially if you’ll be camping or driving your RV frequently. You also need to make sure it’s equipped with propane and other outlets, so you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.

Cooking facilities

You must have the necessary equipment in your kitchen space, as you’ll be needing them on your travels. Must-have kitchen facilities include;

  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Ice maker
  • Stove
  • Kettle

Washer and dryer

Having a dishwasher is great because it helps make your chores of washing and drying utensils, pots and pans a bit easier. You should consider getting a washer if your RV doesn’t have one already. But keep in mind to purchase one with a low voltage, so it doesn’t take too much power.


Most campers come with a tank or reservoir where fresh water is stored. You cannot expect to have a swell time in an RV that doesn’t have a working water system.

The water pump usually takes water from the tank and supplies it to the taps; plus you can use the meter on your van’s panel to know how much water you have left.

Water Filtration System

You need a water system that can filter out dirt and particles. For example, certain types of filters are designed to suspend odors, arsenic, and heavy metals.

Water: Fresh and Grey

RVs have something called grey water tanks that stores the water that’s being used instead of allowing it to drain to the ground.

You need to be sure that the water tank is at least 100 litres so you don’t have to make too many trips just to get it emptied because it starts to stink after a few days.



Not every RV owner wants toilets installed in their vehicles and that’s understandable because of the smell and the task of emptying it. However, having a toilet for only liquid waste is a bit necessary, as not every campsite or parking garage will make provision for this, thereby limiting your movement.

Chemical Loo

The chemical loo also called the black water tanks is just to store the contents of your toilet. If you are planning your adventure in locations that have a toilet then you do not need a chemical loo.

Smart Motorhome Automation

To make your RVing lifestyle more interesting, you have to top up its design and differentiate it from a commercial van. The best way to do this is by utilizing the internet to make your RV a smart one.

Implement smart technologies to increase the safety of your pets and kids while on the road. Plus you can use it for other purposes like controlling the lighting, temperature, and even the curtains.


Carrying the party to whatever destination you are in is fun, and what better way to do it than with the necessary devices? Just make sure you have the extra space for them. Some of the necessary entertainment devices you should have include;

Surround sound audio system

A great audio system equates to good music all through the journey. You can have one installed in your RV.

Multiple TV/entertainment systems

Who wouldn’t want to see a movie when on a trip? You can visit incredible places and still decide to sleep in your RV because you know it has all that’s necessary to keep you entertained.

Fast Internet and WiFi

Not all places will have fast internet, that’s why you have to mount an internet booster antenna, or you could just go with a fast network data sim.

Automatic satellite dish

With an automatic satellite dish mounted on the roof of your RV, you can pick up TV from almost anywhere, and this is a feature your luxury RV should have.

GPS Tracking

For total security and peace of mind about your vehicle’s whereabouts, you should have a quality GPS tracker installed.

Cellular Booster

To help improve your signal while en route, it’s best to get a cellular booster.

Bathroom Facilities

Bathroom Facilities

Buying an RV that ensures maximum comfort is necessary, and having a well-equipped bathroom is non-negotiable.


Get an RV that comes with a nice shower, so you can always have a stress-free bath anytime.

Steam shower

Sometimes, we just crave a hot bath, especially on freezing days. The best way to achieve this is with a steam shower.

Heated towel rack

If you feel it’s necessary to install a heated rack, make sure it has low wattage, so it doesn’t consume electricity.


Jacuzzi is a popular option for people who want an RV that feels like home. So, you might want to purchase one that already has a jacuzzi included.


Typically, you are expected to buy an RV with soft beds as that’s where you’ll end up sleeping most of the time.

King size bed

There are different bed options, and if you find out that your favorite RV doesn’t have a big bed as you’d like, you can always get a big one fixed.

Loft beds

If your bedroom space is small, then what you need is a loft bed, because it doesn’t occupy much space.

Luxury bedding and linens

Purchasing luxury linens to match the aesthetics of your RV is recommended, so it has a rich appeal.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

If you’d be traveling with your pets, then you must be ready to have their needs provided.

Convenient Food and Water Placement

Ensure there’s a place secluded for their water, so they don’t litter the RV.

Room for a Dog Bed

Create a small niche for your pets to nap and play; this way they don’t interfere with your private space.

More Motorhome Amenities 

Other necessary amenities to install in a motorhome includes;

Multiple slide-outs

For extra comfort and space, it’s best to buy an RV with 3-5 slideouts.

Multiple awnings

In case you want extra storage because your RV is not as large as you want, then you can get awnings installed.

Air Filtration

If you’ll be moving around different places, it’s vital you get an air filtration system to remove germs from the air.

Automatic leveling jacks

Your RV might not come with one, but it’s worth noting that you must have one inside your RV, as you might have a use for it.

Recharging Leisure Batteries

Having a leisure battery that can be recharged means that you’ll always have access to power.

Automatic shades and blinds

With automatic shades, you don’t have to stand up every time you want to feel the rays of the sun. With your remote control, you can get it done.

Central vacuum system

Get a central vacuum, and all you have to do to keep your RV clean and debris free is use a hose around the floors.

Coverable Skylights

To prevent your ultraviolet rays from penetrating your RV, invest in a skylight cover, but always check it regularly to be sure there are no tears or leaks.

Multiplex wiring systems

Multiple wiring systems allow for increased automation, plus the number of circuits needed to wire for the caravan will be reduced.

Automatic generator control

Installing a control that turns on the generator once electricity goes off will save you a lot of stress.

Automatic battery charger

Carry along an automatic battery charger when you travel using your RV because the last thing you’d want is your battery draining out while on a fun vacation.

Automatic converter

In case you aren’t connected to mains power, you’ll require the use of a converter to charge your batteries from shore power.

Automatic tank gauge

The tank gauge is a “must-have” for your RV, as it’ll help you detect your fuel level and see if there’s a leakage.

Automatic temperature control

To always have your desired set temperature, you’ll have to install the temperature control system in your RV.

Automatic entrance step

Most RVs come with automatically powered entrance steps that roll out immediately after you open the doors, and this is something you should look out for.

Automatic leveling system

If you’ll be travelling with heavy luggage, you’ll require an automatic leveling system that’ll maintain a constant ride height of the vehicle above the road.

Exterior entertainment centre

The best way to enjoy your RV is to make sure your speakers and sound systems work on the outside too. That way you aren’t limited to enjoying good music when outdoors.

Electric or manual stabilizer jacks

Touring different countries and towns without having an electric stabilizer jack installed in your RV is wrong because its purpose is to stabilize your trailer.

Power management system

The system is needed to monitor your RV, and update you when there’s a minor problem. It provides the necessary features needed to control the electrics in your RV.

Battery disconnect switch

This switch is an easy way to disconnect the main RV circuit from your battery, so your battery stays in the same state of charge it was.

Automatic transfer switch

This is necessary as it’ll enable your generator immediately provide temporary power when the utility source fails.

Electric awning with LED lights

To give your awning a more sophisticated design, and make it appear pretty on campsites, you should attach LED lights to it.

Electric side and rearview mirrors

This is not a necessity, but it’s pretty helpful. Electric mirrors are equipped with the electrical means of adjusting the mirror positions from the inside of the RV.

Outdoor Shower

Having an outdoor shower is necessary, as you might want to get yourself cleaned up before entering the RV.

Outdoor Kitchen

In case you decide to cook outside on a lovely spring day, you can be sure your RV has what’s required to make that happen.



When it comes to your motorhome, you don’t have to get things complicated. To enjoy the time you’ll spend on the road, you need to make sure you have all of the basic amenities in your RV.

It’s not a must that you have all of the amenities listed, but it’s necessary you have all the relevant stuff.

We hope this piece of information will help you equip your motorhome better.

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