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Motorhome Habitation Service Checks – Why You Need Them And What They Include

Despite the freezing winds and occasional snow flurries, spring is in the air. It really is. You know this because you’ve started booking pitches for this season’s breaks and you’re getting itchy feet to get in your motorhome and see the sights.

The preparations have begun, and your motorhome is booked in for its annual mechanical service, but have you had a habitation check recently? And we’re not talking about the type where that couple you met three pitches down join you for a glass of wine and compliment you on your choice of scatter cushions (although they are lovely).

The type we’re talking about is like an MOT for your favourite part of your motorhome; the part where you eat, sleep and socialise. And although they sound boring, and have to be carried out by professionals, they’re important to ensure you maintain the lovely standard of your motorhome for many years to come.

Importance of having a Motorhome habitation service

Remember that all important warranty you got with your motorhome? It’s probably stuffed in a draw and forgotten all about. Well as good as that warranty is, the chances are the terms and conditions with it mean you need an annual motorhome habitation service check to ensure you are still covered!

Imagine letting your family live in a damp house, or letting friends come around to see a faulty window latch, sounds insane right? So why do the same in your motorhome? A motorhome habitation service will give you peace of mind that everything is safe and ready to take on all your adventures.

As much as you’re gathering excitement for the longer days and open roads out in your motorhome, you never know when the day might come to sell your motorhome (or upgrade?). A motorhome habitation service check reveals its true condition so you can ensure you always get the best possible price.

Everyone knows that leaving a problem too long can make it costly to fix. A motorhome habitation check will identify potential problems before this happens so you can fix the problem quickly and easily without it costing too much, or worse taking big chunks of time out of your holidays.

Key points of a Motorhome habitation Service

If you’re going to spend the money and time on a habitation check you’re going to want to know what’s included, and although they can vary, depending on where it is carried out, below we’ve looked at the general points included.

  • Electrical systems – because nobody wants to be the motorhome in darkness or without a working oven. All lights are checked for faults, as are sockets, miniature circuit breakers are checked to ensure they are correct for your vehicle and that the RCD trips within a set time.
  • Damp – The all-important damp, because lets be honest, who wants the whole family coming down with a killer cold three days into the holiday? A damp report of 0-15% gives no concern, 15-20% requires further investment and a retest within 3 months, 20% + requires immediate action as it indicates water ingress in your vehicle. Read more about spotting and preventind damp in your camper.
  • Fire Safety – Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers are tested to ensure they are not past their replacement dates. Also, if fire blankets are carried, the housing unit is inspected to ensure that it is secure. We know that you’ll most likely only use these when someone burns the toast (again), but it still gives you peace of mind to know they’re there.
  • Body Equipment – Everyone wants their pride and joy to look its best, so the whole bodywork, including the roof, receives a visual check. And the doors, blinds and windows are checked for smooth operation, so when that couple three pitches down pop in for a cuppa there aren’t any stiff doors or drafty windows to contend with.
  • Water System – Each tap is tested for leaks, the waste-water outlet checked for blockages, the toilet flush is tested and the valve seal observed to ensure it is well lubricated, because nobody wants a leaky valve or to end up being elbow deep in the waste pipes. And as much as we’re all hoping for a warm summer you can never be too well prepared; anti-freeze levels are checked and the mix is tested.
  • Gas Safe – All gas appliances, such as oven, fridge, heating and water systems are checked to see if they are working correctly; after all you don’t want to have to pop three pitches down to borrow their hot water.
  • Ventilation – After you’ve been out for curry with that nice couple three pitches down, we all know how important it is for good ventilation in the motorhome! So, all vents are tested for potential obstruction and rooflights are tested for secure opening and closing.

Standard motorhome habitation service checks may not include in-depth servicing for individual appliances, such as the fridge, solar panels and a van air-conditioning service, as well as damp testing. It’s important to check what will be included in your specific habitation check, and the time it will take, although this is usually around three hours.

The NCC has a list of approved workshops where habitation checks are carried out following their guidelines/checklist. You can find out more here:

If you are looking to book your used motorhome in for a much-needed motorhome habitation service you can do so at Oaktree Used Motorhomes of Nottingham, either give us a quick call on 0115 871 4645 or book online via our easy-to-use contact form on our motorhome service page.

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