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Motorhome Insurance: An Essential Guide

As with all motorhome insurance providers, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s the best. You need to take some time to consider and select an insurance policy that ideally suits your needs. That means it can also be a tedious process to go through the detail, but once you’ve done it and selected your provider reviewing it each year can be a lot easier.

Comprehensive Insurance

Motorhome accidentWe would always advise you to take out comprehensive insurance as repairs on a motorhome don’t come cheap. This is certainly one area that taking out a 3rd party policy may well cost you dearly in the long-run.

You may well find that you can overlook minor dings and scratches but if a tree branch punches a hole in one of your aluminium side panels then repairs get very expensive, very quickly.

If your van is relatively new and certainly less than 5 years old it may well be a good idea to make sure that your policy covers you for accidental damage, including storm and flood damage.

If your insurer offers it, look to protect your no-claims bonus too. On the other hand, you can have a look at 10 years OakTree Motorhome Finance option.

Points to Consider

We’ve compiled a list of things to look at more closely when you are choosing a motorhome insurance policy. Here are a few to start off with

  • Are there any policyholder age limits?
  • are there any usage limitations (e.g. can you use it to commute to work)?
  • What are the mileage limitations (and cost per mile if you go over)?
  • Is Breakdown cover included? What does it cover (this is a big area)?
  • Are your contents covered, including Satellite TV, Audio and computer systems?
  • What security features are required?
  • What countries are you covered in?
  • What is the claims process and is the claims team based in the UK?
  • Is there any opportunity to bundle any policies together, health, pet, car, home, etc for additional discounts.

Calling an Insurance broker

We think it’s a good idea to have your basic motorhome information to hand when phoning around for quotations. Here are our suggestions:

  • Some basic information such as (full name of all drivers, address, phone number, email address)?
  • Ages and how long you’ve had your UK licences?
  • Anticipated annual mileage?
  • How long you plan to spend touring abroad each year?
  • Details of any claims or convictions in the last five years?
  • Details of any no-claims bonuses on existing policies?
  • Details of the motorhome (make, model, engine size, value, year of manufacture, date of purchase)
  • Details of where the vehicle will be stored when not in use
  • List of contents in the motorhome (the total worth, plus maximum worth of individual items).

Preferred Insurers

Oaktree has had many years of experience dealing with and arranging Insurance for our customers. We have two companies that we work closely with and think highly of. They are:

Caravan Guard Motorhome Insurance

Caravan Guard – When you buy a motorhome or campervan from us we will provide you with 10 days free insurance with Caravan Guard. This gives you some breathing space to drive the vehicle home and sort out an annual policy. If you ring them on 0800 14 88 568 or 01422 396 761 and mention Oaktree Motorhomes they will apply a 10% dealer discount as well.

You can get a quote online with a 10% discount by going to www.caravanguard.co.uk/oaktreemotorhomes and you’ll get dealer discount immediately.

SafeGuard Motorhome Insurance

Safeguard – are another of our preferred providers and we have a lot of confidence in them. We’ve found them to be very professional and efficient and have very competitive rates. You can reach them on 0800 588 4986. And, if you take out insurance with them before the 1st January 2018, you will get 12 months insurance for the price of 10.

With both of our preferred suppliers they have a very good claims department who are very helpful. Please give us a call if you need more help.

Alternative sources of Motorhome Insurance:

These are just a few of the many companies out there. It’s definitely worth shopping round.

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