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Motorhome Lifestyle: Using A Disabled Badge In Europe

Using a Disabled badge in Europe

While we are still part of the European Community we are able to use a lot of our entitlements and licences across the whole geography. How this pans out after Brexit is unclear at the moment and may well take many years to clarify and sort out.

Until then it is recognised as valid, but there are some practical aspects that should be borne in mind when using it as different countries have a slightly different ruleset for disabled parking.

The EU Model Parking Card for people with disabilities

The EU Model Parking Card for people with disabilities has been widely adopted across the EU. It entitles you to park in designated bays in over 29 European countries. These countries offer visitors the same entitlements as the local Blue Badge Holders. Nevertheless, each country has its own scheme, so you should always be careful where you park. Some countries allow you to park on the highway, while others allow free parking in car parks, other countries may not be so generous.

Be cautious and considerate

Always park with caution, and check with the locals if possible. Do check carefully what the parking signs say. Ignorance is no defence so if you can’t speak, or read, the local language try using a smartphone app like Google Translate (browser version). It’s available on Android Play or Apple’s AppStore.

  1. Always display your parking card “show your rights” part of the booklet on your vehicle dashboard and always set your time clock.
  2. Always read the concession details for the country you are visiting and carry a copy for your reference.

Here is a very useful link to GOV.UK’s 36 page document titled: Parking card for people with disabilities in the European Union: conditions in the Member States

Do not park your vehicle where it would cause an obstruction or a danger, at or near a pedestrian cross, school entrance or junction.

Disabled access in your motorhome

Please be aware that if you are in need of modifications to one of our motorhomes for sale to make life just that little bit easier then Oaktree has a fine tradition of customising the internal motorhome layout to accommodate your needs. Give us a call on 0115 930 3140 and we’d be happy to see how best we can help.

Useful Resources

We found some resources that may be of use. We hope you find them of interest.

http://www.disabledmotorists.eu a guide to using Parking Permits, Cards and Placards around the world

Parking card for people with disabilities in the European Union: conditions in the Member States this is a GOV.UK document of 36 pages provided by the European Commission.

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