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Powering Your Motorhome and Campervan Adventures With Lithium Batteries

Every year there are more and more innovative motorhome equipment, gadgets and accessories on the market to make your holiday more comfortable and fun than ever before. While choice of these products is mostly down to your personal opinion, when it gets a bit more technical, such as the best motorhome leisure batteries, we’ve done our research to give you a helping hand in the right direction.

We’ve found hundreds of ways you can benefit by having the right sort of motorhome lithium battery, so it’s worth giving it a little attention.

Traditionally most motorhomes have lead acid batteries, and while originally they were a huge breakthrough as the first rechargeable battery, this was 159 years ago and they have become very outdated. Many of the negatives you experience with lead acid batteries, such as loss of charge and the risk of explosions, are abolished with lithium-ion.

Benefits of lithium-ion

There are a host of reasons to use lithium-ion batteries in your motorhome instead of lead acid, here are just a few:

  • 60% lighter
  • 4x more power
  • Charges 6x faster
  • Lasts 10x longer
  • Built in battery management system
  • Eliminates the risk of fire and explosions
  • No more gas checks and refills
  • Discharge safely to 100%
  • 5,000 cycles up to 80% discharge
  • No vents mean no draughts or damp floors
  • Doesn’t lose charge when stored for long periods, even in cold conditions.

We do however appreciate that lithium-ion batteries are a costly investment; a Transporter Energy 100 amp battery has an RRP of £1,195. But with an average lifespan of 13 years you will end up spending the same amount or more on lead acid for a poorer service.

Additionally, it is expected that within 5-10 years you will no longer be able to buy lead acid batteries and you may be surprised that many everyday items such as phones, watches and computers already use lithium-ion batteries.

A limitless energy supply

When lithium-ion batteries are used in conjunction with solar panels they can provide an almost limitless energy source, so you can finally fulfil those dreams of exploring the most remote locations, campsites or going completely off the grid, wild camping. If this sounds like your sort of adventure, lithium-ion batteries are your must have travelling companion, along with your family and dog of course! These batteries hold charge for up to one year, meaning they are always ready for an adventure.

More than just a battery

While changing your battery is one thing, what about all the things it powers? Lithium-ion batteries can run an induction hob and grill, fridge, microwave and all of your everyday motorhome kitchen essentials without charging for up to 5 days. There are hundreds of different options available for cooking equipment in your motorhome and we’ve taken a look at a few on the market, and we think the Transporter Energy Pod has hit it just right.

Induction hob

The Pod consists of twin or single induction hobs which have no risk caused from naked flames and the top remains cool even immediately after cooking, so you don’t have to worry about the kids burning fingers. Or if you prefer, the SilKEN electric BBQ is smokeless and flameless so you can use it inside or out and never miss out on a feast even when the British weather doesn’t deliver.

Electric BBQ

If you don’t like to waste leisure time cooking, the Greystone 900W microwave has been designed specifically for motorhomes, so that you can enjoy a quick, convenient and nourishing meal no matter what corner of the country you’re visiting.

With a Dometic fridge, including a 10L freezer compartment, the Pod will make your motorhome kitchen just like a real home from home.

Key facts about Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries

  • Plug in and go. Transporter Energy batteries are a standard size with a universal connection, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time fitting these batteries, it’s quick and easy.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA where they are at the forefront of revolutionary technology. NASA was one of the earliest adopters of lithium-ion technology; if it’s good enough and safe enough for space exploration, we’re sure it’s good enough for you.
  • CE Approved. Transporter Leisure batteries are the only lithium-ion leisure batteries with CE approval in the UK and Europe. Why risk your family’s safety with anything less?
  • 100% use for longer. Lithium-ion batteries save you time charging as they can discharge almost 100% of their power without suffering loss of efficiency – which is 50% more usable power than a traditional battery.

If you’re thinking about converting to lithium-ion batteries, Transporter Energy is the sole distributer of these batteries in the UK and Europe and Oaktree Motorhomes is one of the two retailers in the UK. So where better to go than straight to us?

If you buy a motorhome or one of our campervans for sale from us enquire about getting lithium-ion batteries fitted before you pick it up.

You can find more interesting facts about Transporter Energy here: https://www.transporterenergy.co.uk/.

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15 thoughts on “Powering Your Motorhome and Campervan Adventures With Lithium Batteries

  1. If I go for Lithium Batteries, what do I need to change to get the charging correct for the Lithium bank. I have a Hymer 568TSL. Do I need to change the distribution unit which is currently a Schaut EBL30. Thank you.

  2. i am about to take delivery of a new Bailey Autovraph 3 motorhome, could you give me an rstimate of cost to replace tbe Banner 110ah battery with an eco tree lithium along with all other required bits such as b2b and ndw charger?



  3. I have a 2019 Swift Escape 694. Is it just a question of replacing the existing 100A battery with a lithium equivalent or would would we need to change the solar charging system to suit?

    1. We recommend changing basic solar regulators to a modern MPPT in all circumstances, you will get more efficient charging no matter what type of battery you have. We recommned Victron as a good balance of price, quality and warranty

  4. Dear Oaktree Motorhomes,

    Re: Saw you on Kat’s Wondering Bird’s YouTube channel, today!

    Hello and what is the current wait period to have 2 x Lithium Batteries installed with a trickle charge to the engine chassis and additional solar panels, please? I do a lot of wild camping and am planning a major long road trip to Central Asia! ☺


  5. Have a swift 2018 674 and want 300w solar plus lithium battery

    What is a rough guide to cost so that I can make sure we can afford to do this

  6. Have a swift 2018 674 and want 300w solar plus lithium battery

    What is a rough guide to cost so that I can make sure we can afford to do this and how long is the wait to book in please

  7. Hi I have a 2022 fiat rollerteam auto roller 746
    I’d like to know it the built in system is compatible with lithium batterys
    My plan is to swop out the AGM batteries for lithium
    But willb the rest of charging system work as it should
    I believe is currently got 100 w solar and 110 amp AGM batteries as standard

    1. Probably best to call and have a chat or fill in our online enquiry form on the EcoTree website. We will need to know what mains charger you have, if the vehicle charging is already managed by a DC to DC charger and what make and model of solar regulator you have. Most modern motrohomes are set up to work with Lithium even though it can still be beneficial to upgrade standard equipment. BlueFix Energy are one of our main approved installers so you contact them if you would liek the install to be done for you.

  8. Hi, we have a 2021 Hymer Yellowstone and the standard leisure battery is dying!( probably my fault) can I fit a lithium battery direct or if I need an upgrade , do you have an agent in Scotland?
    Any advise greatly appreciated

    1. Hi, Sorry I’m a bit slow spotting this comment. Generally the Hymers are very well equipped for our Eco Tree Lithium batteries. You need to switch the mains charger to GEL or AGM (if it doesn’t have a dedicated lithium setting) and make sure it has a DC-DC charger fitted. Hymer usually fit a Schaudt Booster (this is a DC-DC charger) so you just need to check this was fitted and it is configured for GEL/AGM or Lithium. We recommend Swinton Motorhome Repair Centre or Keltie Camnpers for lithium battery fitting North of the border.

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