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In 1955 after travelling fever hit Germany, Elfriede and Hugo Niesmann decided to join the caravan and motorhome revolution. 26 years later they presented their first motorhome , the Clou 570E with clever design and detailes they provided comfort and exhilaration. After the announcement of the Clou model, Niesmann-Bischoff-Clou-Productionsgesells chaft mbH was formed.

The 1990’s – The birth of the Flair!! After years of deciding what the market required Niesmann & Bischoff announced the Flair motorhome. With new features and high quality design it began to liven up the motorhome market.

1996 arrived and Niesmann & Bischoff became part of the largely growing Erwin Hymer Group proving that the models they produced where wanted throughout Europe.

In 1998, the Arto series was born and with the years of experience the ‘Polch lily’ became the emblem of high quality, luxury and build design. The Niesmann & Bischoff logo is still on all vehicles up to the present day.

The choices of Niesmann & Bischoff motorhomes will not leave you disappointed. The craftsmanship on each home is of the highest quality and we are sure that you have the ultimate choice whether it’s the Arto, Smove or the Flair range, varying sizes and specifications to suit all requirements.

What You'll Find On Each Vehicle Detail Page

On each vehicle's detail page you will find high-resolution photos of all the key areas including details of the cab area so you can clearly see the driving position as either Left hand or right-hand drive and also whether the vehicle is manual or automatic. The photos should also enable you to see the lounge/dining layouts and the 3 point seatbelts for travelling. Moving down the vehicle you’ll see the kitchen with hob, sink, cooker, fridge/freezer, overhead storage and microwave oven. Depending on the layout of the washroom and shower we’ll provide detailed photos for you of the shower, sink and toilet. Then we'll show you the night-time sleeping area layouts. You’ll find a range of bed layouts such as fixed double, French bed, fixed singles and so on, and the photos will show how they fit over the garage area and whether any access is given. Not forgetting if the vehicle has an ever popular over cab double too.

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