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New vs Used Motorhomes – Out With The Old And In With The New?

Buying a motorhome is a major investment and before you even reach the point of choosing a make and model, one of the first major considerations is whether to buy new or used? With pros and cons to each, we’ve put together some key points to point you in the right direction.

Making the most of your money

Let’s start by stating the obvious; a new motorhome is going to cost you considerably more, compared to buying the same model a few years later.

New motorhomes lose value the moment they leave the showroom, so generally, the depreciation rate on a used motorhome is much lower than that of a new motorhome; something to bear in mind if you plan to sell your motorhome in a few years, or you’re not sure if this lifestyle is for you.

A used motorhome will also give you more for your money: A budget of £30,000 may buy you a basic, low specification, brand new motorhome; but the same budget could buy you a used motorhome with top specification and added packs included.

Specifications and features

Of course, buying a new motorhome allows you to specify exactly which features and packs are included, and you can customise the vehicle with your choice of upholstery and finish.

New vehicles also give you the latest and most up to date technology and safety features, although to be frank they often don’t differ much from previous models in the same range.

Purchasing a motorhome with new technology also makes you something of a guinea pig; although new features will have been tested, there’s no way to tell how they will last when built into vehicles in mass production and used for prolonged periods of time. With a used motorhome, these features will be tried and tested.

The quality of used

You won’t always know how a previous owner has looked after a motorhome, no matter what they tell you. Ensure your used motorhome comes with proof of yearly van habitation checks, an in-date MOT certificate and a full-service history. We recommend buying from a dealer rather than privately (better still, make sure that dealer is Oaktree!!!) All of our used motorhomes come with a 3-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that problems can be put right.

Occasionally vehicles can have characteristic problems that show up in every motorhome in a range, these can be anything from leaking windows to mechanical issues. By buying a used motorhome you give such problems a chance to be seen and ideally to have been resolved. Make sure you research the make and model you are going to buy to discover any known issues.


With motorhomes we find that mileage isn’t normally an issue unless you are buying a very old motorhome or an ex-hire fleet motorhome. Even used motorhomes generally have low mileage for their age compared to cars, as they are normally only used a handful of times a year.

Peace of mind

Many people choose to buy a new motorhome purely for peace of mind. With a new motorhome there is no need to worry that it hasn’t been cared for properly and you are guaranteed to get a full manufacturer warranty.

Whatever you decide to buy, you can buy in confidence with Oaktree; we are trusted to provide a full 3-year RAC warranty, 1-year MOT and 1 year road tax with every vehicle sold. New motorhomes generally only come with a 2-year chassis warranty where as our motorhomes for sale come with a 3-year chassis warranty.

You can also save money on both nearly new and used motorhomes with Oaktree as we don’t attend industry shows as a way of keeping our prices low. Attending these shows can cost dealerships over £20,000 which is incorporated into the cost of the vehicles you buy. We avoid these extra costs by purely selling from our showroom.

If you’re still unsure about nearly new or used, head to our website or better still come and visit our showroom where you can have a coffee and chat with one of our friendly team members who can discuss the pros and cons of buying new or used and help find the right solution for your individual needs.

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