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Have you ever dreamt about extended periods out in your motorhome, completely off grid, away from noisy campsites, with all your home comforts? But has this dream always been dampened by not having enough power to fulfil your needs? Well here at Oaktree we’ve found a solution in the form of lithium-ion, and we’re bringing it to you.


Introducing lithium-ion batteries from Transporter Energy. Lithium-ion batteries allow you to travel for further and remain much safer, and they are now available here at Oaktree as a retro fit or dealer fit option.

The future is lithium-ion

Lithium-ion batteries in campers are tried and tested; you’ll be surprised just how many of the rechargeable products you own already use the superior lithium-ion technology, and this is ever increasing, especially compared to the decreasing rate of lead acid used.

You won’t find a high-quality rechargeable product without a lithium-ion battery; from power tools such as drills, cordless mowers and smartphones, to electric toothbrushes, hearing aids, digital cameras, watches and even pacemakers.

Lithium Battery2

Staying out for longer

Produced in the USA to the highest standard, here at Oaktree we have complete confidence in the reliability of these batteries, and so should you. You can immerse yourself in longer off grid travel without an electric hook-up and take advantage of experiences that have previously been unavailable or impractical.

Compared to traditional lead acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries are 60% lighter, charge 20 times faster, deliver 400% more power, have a 10-times longer lifespan and come with an industry-first 10-year guarantee. Whether you’re planning a wild camping trip through Europe, an extended stay in a hidden corner of England or need peace of mind that your family is always safe when sleeping in your abode on wheels, Transporter Energy’s lithium-ion batteries from Oaktree are the answer.

Eco travel

What’s more, by pairing lithium-ion batteries with solar panels you have the ability to produce an almost limitless green energy source. These batteries from Transporter Energy have a greater number of charge/discharge cycles before their capacity begins to decrease, thus allowing you to make maximum use of your sustainable power solution.

Why use lithium-ion?

Along with allowing you to fulfill your desire for extended and safer travel, lithium-ion batteries are far superior to traditional lead acid batteries in terms of performance; take a look at our comparison table below:

  Lead acid 100Ah Lithium-ion 100Ah
Usable capacity 50Ah 100Ah
Weight 35kg 13.1kg
Warranty 1 – 2 years (average) 10 years
Origin China USA
Lifetime capacity 15,000Ah 300,000Ah
Upfront cost £299 £1,999
Cost/Ah 2p 0.4p

How to get your lithium-ion battery

There are two options to a safer, greener and more efficient future with lithium-ion batteries and Oaktree Motorhomes.

Motorhome Alt

First off you can upgrade your current motorhome, whether you originally bought it from Oaktree or not, with our retro fit option. We offer a bespoke fitting service and can either simply upgrade your current leisure battery or replace your full gas system to allow for complete off grid living. This system includes six lithium-ion batteries, an inverter, induction hob, microwave and a compressor fridge.

Secondly, the dealer fit option is available when you purchase a motorhome from us here at Oaktree. Simply ask your sales representative about getting a lithium-ion battery fitted to your new purchase and we’ll organise for everything to be fitted before you collect your motorhome.

Are you interested in lithium-ion batteries from Oaktree Motorhomes? Talk to us today and start planning your extended travels in completely secluded locations for the 2019 season.

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